Eb Bass – Tom Stone


Tom is a first year Tuba student at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and originally comes from Banbury in Oxfordshire. Tom has been playing the Eb bass from the age of 9 and Bb bass from the age of 13. Tom was first introduced to the world of Brass Bands when he joined Northampton County Junior Brass then later joining the Youth Band at the age of 13 on Bb bass moving to Eb bass at 14, being seated principal at the age of 17 for two years .

During his time in the youth band some highlights were being runner up in the 2017 National Youth Championships and 3rd place in the 2014 European Youth Championship. At the same time Tom was also in a 3rd section band Towcester Studio Band and spent around 4 years there. Later on in early 2018 Tom joined Youth Brass 2000. Some highlights whilst being at the band include winning the 2018 and 2019 National Youth Championships making it the bands 5th year in a row to win the contest and winning the 2018 European Youth Brass Band Championships, Tom also helped out the band in their win of the 2020 Butlins Mineworkers Youth Championship and the British Open Youth.

Tom has also with various brass bands, concert bands and orchestras competed in various Music for Youth competitions with multiple platinum award winning performances at Birmingham Symphony Hall and the Royal Albert Hall.

Upon moving to Cardiff in September, Tom joined Llwydcoed Brass Band on Bb Bass. Since joining the band Tom has enjoyed much success with the band coming 6th at the Bolsover Festival of Music and most recently coming 3rd in the Welsh Regional Brass Band Championships where the band gained an invitation to the National Finals at the Royal Albert Hall and looks forward to the contest in October.

Eb Bass – Alice Tracey

Alice first began playing the Euphonium at the age of 9 before moving to tuba at 10. She started playing for Penclawdd Junior Brass Band soon after,under the direction of Richard Phillips, and continued playing and competing with the senior band under the direction of Tony Small.

In addition to Penclawdd, Alice has enjoyed playing with West Glamorgan Youth Band where she had the opportunity to tour Lake Garda Italy, and competing in the Music for Youth Festival in Birmingham. 

Alice has been a member of the National Youth Brass Band of Wales since her first course in 2017, as well as playing in the Six Counties Brass Band.

Under the tuition of Simon Howell, Alice has achieved Grade 8 and accepted an offer to study Music Performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Alice looks forward to her time in Llwydcoed and is excited for the opportunities that are to come!

Bb Bass – Fraser Bish


After 14 years at the heart of the National champion’s powerhouse Cory , with a personal tally of major contest winning success that includes five British Opens, two Nationals, four Europeans, three Brass in Concert and eleven Welsh Area wins Fraser retired from playing. A year later after much bothering from chairman Kevin Johnson Fraser joined the Llwydcoed Band. Fraser leads the foundation of Llwydcoed Band with his legendary sound and the odd pedal or two. His experience and advice is invaluable to the band.

Bb Bass – Rhys Michael

Rhys started playing Eb Tuba at the age of 12 with West Glamorgan youth music service before moving onto Bb Bass with the senior band at the age of 14. At the same time, Rhys had joined the then second section Briton Ferry Silver Band on second Eb Bass, later moving on to solo Eb Bass. After a short stint on Bb Bass, Rhys then moved to second Eb Bass of the West Glamorgan Youth Brass Band before again moving up to Solo Eb Bass for the remainder of his time with them. At the age of 15, Rhys had gained a place in the RWCMD junior department studying orchestral Tuba under past pupil, Andrew Mcdade. Rhys then became a member of the NYBBW and principal Eb Bass at 16 and has since kept that seat. Rhys then moved to Ammanford Town Silver Band on Solo Eb Bass and became conductor of the Junior Band. Since moving to Cardiff, to continue his studies at the RWCMD under Dan Trodden, Rhys Joined Llwydcoed on Bb Bass and looks forward to an exciting future with the band.

Bb Bass – Kevin Johnson


Kevin started playing at the age of 7 on Baritone in the Merthyr Tydfil Salvation Army under Bill Lewis (who later became his father in law). Kevin Played in the junior band and when he was 15 he transferred to the senior band. Kevin played a number of brass instruments all except the cornet. He was asked to help out Llwydcoed Band in 2003 and has been there ever since. He became chairman of the band in 2006 and is very proud to have played in all 4 sections with Llwydcoed Band and is looking forward to playing in the Championship section Nationally from 1st January 2015.